Girl Scout Cookie Printable

I made this in September. I shared it on my blog, but realized I never shared it here.

I found an awesome listing on etsy a few years ago. Inspiration credit where credit is due, and you should totally go buy this person’s files if you like them. I don’t know them, I’m not getting a kick back, but while imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I bet they would rather have cash in hand than flattery. (and FYI, the link above is to a new updated for this year file. Still no kick backs)

That said, I made some hangers of my own in 2012(?) using this idea, and I remade them this year using the Girl Scout images for 2014 (see image credit below). The image manipulation is mine, but the images themselves are trademarked by Girl Scouts. I’ve left all the trademark info intact on the images. Comment here if you download and use these! I love knowing my digital work is out in the world being used :)


Where’s the file? Click here for a high quality printable version :)
GSCookieHangers2014-300x232 Girl Scout Cookie Printable

All Girl Scout specific images downloaded from the official Tools to Build Your Cookie Program Success Girl Scout site.

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