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1x1.trans Social Media Scheduling OptionsHello! Just a quick background on me, before I jump in. Mostly so you’re not all “who does this chick think she is?!”

I’m Jenn. I’m originally from Baltimore, but I’ve been mostly in SoFl for the last 18 or so years. I have been in graphic design/web design & programming/advertising since 1997. I jumped headfirst into social media, because if I didn’t I’d be stuck in the information Stone Age playing with Quark for print layouts nobody reads.

That said, let’s talk social media scheduling!

A huge part of any business is social media. We don’t hire ad agencies for print ads anymore. We just ask our Tweens for what’s popular, because they’ve cracked all of the social media algorithms with hashtags like #like4like and #follow4follow. It’s crazy!

Stepping away from hashtags, when you post is just as important as what you post. Look back over your previous posts, and check your likes & comments and what time of day/what day of the week or month your highest interactions happen. Those are the days and times you want to shoot for. Scheduling is a beautiful thing once you look at it this way.

I generally have 3 – 5 posts a day scheduled between twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Some of those posts go to multiple platforms, some only go to one. I.E. – my daily quote only goes to ig, while blog posts go to fb, twitter, g+, and depending on which blog also linkedin and my 10:04 fb page. I also like to post on the fly, so I don’t like to *overschedule*. I leave some flexibility so if something fun is going on I can feel free to post without posting too much.

Many of my accounts also gross-post automatically. Public posts made to twitter will automatically post to FaceBook, and vice-versa.

Social Pilot

I am partial to Social Pilot. I used a combination of free systems for many months before committing to paying for a Social Pilot account, but it’s been so worth it. Often I spent as much time mapping out what account was scheduled through where as I did planning posts. Having them all in one place has been a great time saver. Social Pilot does have a free account (not a trial, but a free account!) that is limited to three connected accounts and up to 30 queued posts. If you use all three accounts that means you are logging back in to reschedule every ten days. Super useful if you just want to set aside one night a week to plan!

As I said, they have a FREE account, but if you do sign up for paid account, I totally get a small kick back if you sign up through this link:


I also really like for scheduling Instagram. I know they recently added twitter, but I never used it for that feature. lets you add one account and schedule out 30 posts on their free plan. That’s a full month of Instagram posts if you just do one scheduled post a day!


I was also using for FB scheduling. Their free account gives you more than one connected account but limits you to just ten posts queued at a time. I used this for two FB groups with just one weekly post each – it let me plan the month. Postfity also emails you when your queue is empty!

It sounds like I am pushing for Social Pilot, but seriously, try the free plan. I have it running my personal Facebook, a few of my groups, a couple of pages, my Instagram, my twitter, and quite a few of my clients social media platforms as well. I have the Growth Hacker plan, but the Basic plan is likely just fine for your personal needs. Sign up without my referral link if you want – it won’t bother me. I believe that strongly that it is hands down the most cost-effective and useful scheduler I’ve used in the last two years. Prior to that I would have said HootSuite, but I find their newest platform convoluted at best.

Services like and will automate cross posting! IFTTT walks you through it, and has about a million “recipes” for automating internet based services. Zapier is a little more confusing, but not too much. It has just a little bit of a learning curve, if only because it isn’t as spelled out as IFTTT. I prefer zapier, but they work well and do their thing in slightly different ways.

Automating your FB to twitter is super easy. Facebook makes it idiot proof LOL Head over to and connect with twitter and then check/uncheck the options.

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