Looking for a part-time employee?

Fantastic! I am looking for morning work, local to 33065. Must be something like 8 – 12 on location, but I can add remote hours late in the evening. My resume is available at the bottom of this page. 
I can: install and manages CMS like WordPress or Joomla; work well with PhotoShop & Illustrator; take product photos; write copy; edit copy; take dictation (is that still a thing? I’m very good at it); manage an office, manage a dance studio; run errands for you (within reason, see time constraints); bake you cookies.
I can’t: do anything that requires heavy manual labor (no heavy lifting, no digging ditches); do anything that requires excessive standing; clean up after you; fold your laundry.
I come with red hair, lots of tattoos, lots of (tasteful) earrings, a charming personality, a bright smile, and a fabulous work ethic (as long as I know what my job is/what is expected of me). My dance parents love me, I bet your customers will too, if your available position involves customer support that is.

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